Existing customers click the following link for additional documentation and downloads not listed below Certain software, user manuals, technical support tips and other helpful information is available for existing customers only. (Note:This link is password protected. Please phone Vmed at (800) 926-9622 for access)

Remote Connection to your Computer

Remote Support Click this icon for Remote Connection from any WiFi enabled device or for Remote Support while speaking with a Vmed tech support representative.

Technical Support


Tutorial Videos These tutorial videos explain the general installation and setup of your Vmed wireless remote device.


Vmed General Literature and Software Downloads

The files and software below are for anyone, not just Vmed customers.  You are welcome to download and install the following software at no charge for evaluation purposes or basic use. These files and software have been scanned and found to be free of any virus. The manuals require the free Adobe Acrobat Reader to open (download Acrobat Reader at adobe.com). If you would like to create a PDF file from the printout of any of these programs, and you do not have the full Adobe Acrobat software, then Vmed recommends the free third party software available at PrimoPDF.com.

NOTE: If you have any difficulty installing Vmed software you may first need to download and install the .NET Framework 2.0.

Monitoring Software

The PC-Display software allows the user to connect their Windows compatible computer to a Vmed Bluetooth wireless monitoring device and display various vital signs and waveforms on the computer screen in real-time. Vital signs and the ECG tracing can be recorded for later analysis, review or printing.


PC-Display_setup.msi Click on the link at the left in order to download and install the latest version of this software. In addition to the normal monitoring mode a DEMO mode is available via the “PC-Display DEMO” desktop shortcut, which will allow you to interact with PC-Display just as if it were connected to a live Vmed wireless remote device.  Click here for a list of the most recent changes.

Review ECG and Vital Signs Recordings

The vital signs and ECG tracings that were recorded by the PC-Display software can be opened for review, annotation, measurement and printing by the ECG Reviewer Software. This software is free to install on as many computers as desired. It is ideal for a consultant when reviewing and analyzing ECG files recorded using a Vmed wireless monitor.

ECG Reviewer Installation Click on the link at the left in order to download and install the latest version of this software. Download the User’s Manual for more information.

ECG Interpreter Software DEMO

The Vmed ECG Interpreter software provides all of the same review, annotation and printing options as the ECG Reviewer with the additional ability to analyze ECG tracings for closer analysis.  See this ECG Interpreter flyer for more details.

ECG Interpreter DEMO Installation Click on the link at the left in order to download and install this DEMO version of the ECG Interpreter.  It includes 1 Normal ECG and 1 Abnormal ECG and will allow
you to interact with them as you would with any other recorded ECG.  See the User’s Manual for more information.

Product Literature

Practice Management Integration

Application Note



Please read this if you have or are considering using a Microsoft Surface Pro tablet with your Vmed device.

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