ECG three lead 6′ Cable with banana plugs on 35″ leads for VetChek (Part CY2-ODU-2).  See cable below for VetGard+ version. $100
ECG three lead 6′ Cable with banana plugs on 35″ leads for VetGard+, VetGard 1 and PC-Vet monitors (Part CY2-DIN-2). See cable above for VetChek version. $100
ECG Small Animal Loop Electrodes for cats and dogs with 36″ leads, Set of 3 with banana plug receptacle, (Part ECG 10B) $150
ECG Exotics Loop Electrodes, same as above (Part ECG-1.2B) $150
ECG Needle Electrodes with 18″ leads, set of 3 (Part ECGN18). Requires Lead Adapters, (Part CE3-3) to adapt to banana plugs. Adapters are $31/set of three. $100
ECG lead extension with spring clips for long term monitoring electrodes, Set of 3 (Part CE2-C) $70
ECG Skin Clips, Set of 3 with banana plug receptacle
Top: Universal Clip Set (Part CE3-1)
Lower Force Clips for exotics  Set (Part CE4-1) $80
ECG Chest Probe with extended electrodes for VetGard, 36″ cable (Part CH2B)

Specify VetGard or VetChek



Esophageal Probes (ECG and Temperature).Blue: Exotic probe with 4 mm diameter electrodes (Part PET4)  $285
White: Cats and dogs probe with 6 mm diameter electrodes (Part PET6)  $285
Yellow: Large breed probe with 8 mm diameter electrodes (Part PET8) $285
One each set of three probes (Part PET468) $775
Rectal and esophageal temperature probe with stiffener for easy insertion, 8′ with 6″ attachment straps (Part TR1B) $125
ECG Interconnect and Adapter CablesTop: 6″ Adapter Cable for PC-VetChek. Male push-pull (ODU) to female DIN (Part VC1-2000) $85
Bottom: 6″ Interconnect Cable for VetGard and PC-Vet Monitors, Male DIN to Female DIN (Part CA6-1000) $40
Focused Doppler probe with 6 straps for Vet-Dop and Vet-Dop2 Doppler BP Units Standard probe with 5′ cable (Part BF94A) $295
Rat probe with 5′ cable (Part BF94R) $345
Certified Sphygmomanometer with push button valve and 1/4″ female threaded cuff connector (Part P800C) $175
Small animal cuff set. Soft, easily cleaned with size gauge and 1/4″ diameter male thread connector.Five cuffs (#2, #3, #4, #5, Child) – Part C100-S $110
Cat set, same as above material, Five cuffs (2 ea. #2, 2 ea. #3, 1 ea. #4) – Part C101-S $110
Six cuffs (#1, #2, #3, #4, #5, Child,) – Part C200-S $125
Vmed VetGard Mainstream CO2 Sensor (Part CMZ20VM) Request Quote
Masimo  IRMA AX+ Sensor for CO2, N2O and 5 anesthetic agents (Part 200601) Request Quote
Vmed Sidestream CO2 Sensor (Part CMY20VM) Request Quote
  Vmed  CO2 Mainstream Airway Adapters    
(May be rinsed for reuse)

Standard mainstream adapter for animals over 6 pounds, 5 ea. (Part CSM01A-5)



Small mainstream adapter for animals under 6 pounds, 5 ea. (Part CSM02A-5) $85
Reusable airway adapter for Vmed mainstream CO2 sensor. Can be sterilized. Use when cross contamination is a concern.

Standard size (Part TSM03A-W) 1 ea

Small size for animals less than 6 pounds (Part TSM04A-W) 1 ea




Vmed CO2 sidestream “L” airway adapter (Part TSM14A-W-5) pack of 5 $75
Vmed CO2 sidestream transfer air line, pack of 5 (Part TSM13A-W-5)


Vmed CO2 sidestream water filter, pack of 5 (Part TSM11A-W-5) $55
NOMOline adapter Masimo ISA CO2 Sidestream NOMOline Transfer Line, 5 ea. (part C108210) $145
NOMOline adapter Masimo ISA CO2 Sidestream Airway T-adapter, 5 ea. (part C108250) $85
 C106220, 106260 Masimo IRMA Mainstream Airway Adapters

Top Left: Masimo IRMA Standard mainstream airway adapter for animals over 6 pounds, 5 ea. (Part C106220-5)

Bottom Right: Masimo IRMA Small mainstream airway adapter for animals under 6 pounds, 5 ea. (Part 106260) $185
Nellcor V-Sat Spo2 Lingual sensor (Part VSAT-2) $279
Nellcor V-Sat Spo2 Rectal Sensor (Part VSAT-R) $279
           Bluetooth USB Adapter, Class 1, 100 ft. range (Part BT-USB-4) $69
Blood Pressure Air Line, 6 Ft with Female Screw Connectors. (Part ETRS2-6000) $65
VetDop2 Charger. (Part BF2-5000B)
 BP-AccuGard Charger. (Part BP1-4000B)