I have used the VetGard+ monitor in our AAHA hospital since 2009 and have been impressed with its performance, and with the excellent support we receive. I spent 3 years looking for a quality and reliable patient monitor that would perform continual ECG’s, Blood pressure, Pulse Oximetry, capnometry, and core temperature. It was essential that it automatically produce a permanent computer record that I could easily access, reproduce, print, and compare to prior ECG’s. Many of the monitors that I tried and reviewed could not do that at that time. Larry Tilley made me aware of the VetGard+ monitor, which fit all of my criteria. I have the software installed on several laptops, so I always have a backup from which to run the monitor, or run the companion VetChek ECG unit simultaneously on another patient. We also use the monitor in exam rooms for BP’s and ECGs. The patient information easily auto populates from our AVImark software. Whenever I’ve needed parts, technical support or service, I’ve received it in a very helpful and timely manner. They are wonderful people to work with.