PC-Display v2.6.0


Changes Since v2.5.0


New Features (since v2.5.1)

  • Added links to the Help menu for the online manuals of VetGard+, VetChek and AccuGard monitors.
  • Added “DEMO DATA” text to waveforms when in Demo mode.
  • VetGard+ BP measurement does not influence the Pulse Rate display.
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  • Updated the internal PC-Display User Manual (web-based) with Windows 10 centric instructions.
  • When user selects the “Launch TeamViewer QuickSupport” item it will download the latest from Vmed’s website
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  • Now Vmed branded sidestream CO2 sensors can be zeroed manually like the mainstream sensors.

New Features (since v2.5.0)

  • Replaced the included Vmed branded TeamViewer QuickSupport app with regular TeamViewer QS app.
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Fixed Bugs (since 2.5.0)

  • When a Blood Pressure cycle is turned off it will also blank out or zero out the BP parameter box values.
  • BP Toolbar button will now be disabled if a remote disconnects while it was enabled.
  • PC-Display version checking mismatch with update version checking has been corrected.