Automatically save patient files to your computer.

Now link your WiFi mobile device to our Windows software for remote monitoring and control of your wireless monitor. Click on the image below for overview and instructions on how to connect to mobile devices. 

Works for iOS, Android, Google Play, Microsoft and Blackberry devices.

Multi-parameter veterinary wireless surgical monitor… a step closer to the paperless practice

VetGard+ weighs only 19 ounces

VG+ Flyer Remote Connect  Access to PDF literature requires the free Acrobat Reader (

  • Vmed monitors can be shipped with an optional Windows tablet for mobile display. Software and Bluetooth are pre-installed and ready to go.
  • Vmed monitors now include ECG interpretation software.
  • Vmed wireless veterinary monitors now Integrate with AVImark®.  Click here for a description or here for instructions.
  • Read the article, “Bluetooth Stops Spaghetti Syndrome” in Veterinary Practice News by Dr. Don DeForge.
  • Versatile …Use in surgery, recovery or for exams
  • Reliable … Free of interference and electrical noise
  • Scalable … Add monitoring options at any time
  • Monitor multiple surgeries and recoveries on one computer
  • Connect your computer to large display or TV for easy viewing
  • Save files to your computer automatically
  • Easily print and email files from your computer
  • Log vital signs automatically
  • Print reports
  • Email native files or PDF reports to cardiologists (Note: consultant must install our Reviewer program to review native files.(free at>Downloads/Support)
  • Use in ICU and recovery as a patient telemetry unit
  • Use for pre-surgical screens and routine exams
  • Attach patient files to most practice management programs

Wireless Products Overview

Go Wireless…Go Digital with Vmed Bluetooth wireless monitors.  Bluetooth is highly tolerant of interference and is omni-directional to a range of 100 meters, line of sight.  All controls except keyboard entry are at the patient’s side.  Save space, eliminate cables and store files automatically.  Vmed wireless monitors establish a wireless link to your Windows desktop, laptop or tablet computer to display real-time patient monitoring waveforms and digital data on your computer screen.  Monitor up to seven patients on one computer.  Files may be recalled for ECG and CO2 waveform analysis, transmitted by email or printed in a concise report.  All hardware, software and monitoring accessories are provided with our multi-parameter patient monitor and our ECG monitor as described below.  Works best with Windows 7, 8 and 10 computers.

The Veterinary VetGard+ is a small, battery operated, wireless patient monitor that displays dynamic multiple monitoring parameters on your Windows based computer. The Bluetooth USB adapter provided establishes a wireless link to your computer. Bluetooth is omni-directional and virtually free of interference, ensuring a consistent, reliable wireless connection most anywhere in the clinic and possibly outside. The long range Bluetooth standard used in Vmed monitors has a line of sight range of 100 meters however the expected range in the clinic environment (considering signal may travel through walls, etc.) is 50-100 feet. The bonus Reviewer software adds to the VetGard’s versatility and includes dynamic playback of traces, electronic ECG calipers, help in identifying and measuring ECG complexes and a table of normal ECG values for cats and dogs.  The PC-VetGard+ is scalable in that you purchase only the monitoring parameters you want now with the flexibility of adding additional capability later without having to purchase a new monitor.  The following monitoring parameters are available:

  • ECG, Temperature, Respiration and SpO2

    Includes protective pouch with hanging bracket

  • Animal validated NIBP with systolic, diastolic, MAP and heart rate calculations
  • Inspired/Expired CO2, capnograph and apnea detection
  • Inspired/Expired CO2, capnograph, apnea, N2O and anesthesia agents

PC-Display software is provided with each wireless monitor and allows real-time viewing of all monitoring information on your Windows computer. Cables and bulky equipment are a thing of the past in the modern veterinary surgical suite with VetGard+ monitors. Artifact suppression and low noise electronics offer the cleanest, most stable ECG trace possible. The VetGard+ is equipped with the Nellcor Vet-Sat animal tested digital pulse oximeter. Blood pressure and CO2 modalities are also tested and verified for use on small animals. A full range of sensors provide digital readout of heart rate, respiration rate, core body temperature, blood pressure, blood oxygen saturation levels and inspired/expired gases including CO2, N2O and five anesthesia agents all combined in a compact, battery operated monitor with revolutionary software for an interference free, wireless link to your computer. By selecting a large screen display connected to your desktop, laptop or tablet computer, patient monitoring displays are visible as never before. The PC-VetGard+ can be used in the exam room too. Use the included chest sensor and low force skin clips for quick ECG exams and pre-surgical screening.  Use the Vmed ECG Interpreter ECG interpretation software to screen for heart abnormalities that may cause problems before, during or after surgery.

Features and components

  • Compatible with Windows XP (SP2) through Windows 10
  • Omnidirectional and virtually interference-free wireless connection
  • Rechargeable Li-Ion battery for over eight hours of use.
  • Automatically save waveforms and vital signs to file for later review
  • Email ECG, CO2 waveforms and vital signs report to third parties
  • Most of the control functions including printing are from the patient’s side
  • Print reports on plain paper from your computer
  • Input hospital and patient information for print report
  • Selectable High/Low alarms
  • Select chart speed, gain, grid, R-wave markers, beat tone, alarms and more
  • Track heart rate to 800 beats/min
  • Trend graph
  • Simply install software and plug miniature Bluetooth adapter into your USB port
  • Free software upgrades for the life of the product.

 Standard Accessories

  • 3 ea. Esophageal ECG/ temperature probes
  • 1 ea. Temperature probe
  • 1 ea  Set of 3 ECG skin clips and cable
  • 1 ea. Cable and clip leads for long term ECG monitoring electrodes
  • 1 ea. Nellcor V-Sat SpO2 lingual sensor with two clips
  • 6 ea. Small animal blood pressure cuffs with limb gauge
  • 1 ea. Bluetooth USB adaptor
  • 1 ea. Storage pouch
  • 1 ea. Protective hanging pouch
  • 1 ea. Patient isolated medical grade 120/240V, 50/60 Hz. AC adapter/charger
  • PC-Display application monitoring software
  • ECG Interpretation software To review saved files and to run automatic ECG interpretation)

 Optional Accessories and Software

  • Set of three subcutaneous needle electrodes
  • Set of three small animal or exotic limb loop electrodes
  • CO2 and anesthesia agent sensors and accessories
  • ECG chest sensor for exams

Computer Requirements

Windows 7 -11

  • CPU: Minimum 1 GHz
  • MEMORY: Minimum 1.5 GB (for 1-2 concurrent monitoring sessions)
  • VIDEO: Minimum 128 MB Graphics memory
  • VIDEO RESOLUTION: Minimum 1024×768
  • PORTS: Spare USB (for Bluetooth USB Adapter, unless computer has built-in Bluetooth)

Both 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Windows Vista, 7, 8.1 and 10 are acceptable.

Please read this if you have or are considering using a Microsoft Surface Pro tablet with your Vmed device.

See our Downloads page if you are interested in trying our software. Install PC-Display DEMO and ECG interpretation DEMO