ecg interpreter

For review and analyses of saved files. Included with all wireless monitors.

  •  ECG Interpreter is now included with all ECG capable wireless monitors at no charge.
  •  Includes full text electronic version of “Electrocardiography for the Small Animal Practitioner”  by Larry Tilley and Naomi Burtnick

 Species and size specific ECG interpretation software

“Computerized ECG interpretation programs are well established in the human field. The new Vmed ECG Interpreter now makes computerized interpretation a reality in veterinary medicine. The computer reading provides a second opinion and is especially helpful for inexperienced clinicians.  When the ECG Interpreter identifies an ECG as abnormal, the analysis software can then be used to further clarify the diagnosis. The Vmed system also makes it easy to store the Interpreter report on clinic computers and to email this report to a specialist if further confirmation is needed.”  Larry Tilley, DVM, DACVIM (Internal Medicine)

Hyperlink to full reference textbook for background on findings.

  • Compatible with all Vmed wireless monitors with ECG
  • Examples of commonly seen abnormalities
  • Tables of normal measurements and heart rates for cats and dogs
  • Hyperlink from Interpreter conclusions to test book section describing the finding
  • Email files for consultation if in doubt.
  • Print full report
  • Background on various arrhythmias

The animal specific ECG Lead II interpretation software program (catalog i100) allows the practicing clinician to interpret routine and indicated small animal ECG traces with confidence. The program works with all Vmed wireless ECG monitors and the PC-VetGard series of surgical monitors. Templates for cats and dogs of different weights are included.  50 examples of commonly seen abnormalities and tables for normal measurements for cats and dogs are included for reference.  Each conclusive condition includes a hyperlink to the appropriate section of the full text version of “Electrocardiography for the Small Animal Practitioner”  by Larry Tilley and Naomi Burtnick.  One click Normal-Abnormal determination with detailed analysis of charts up to two hours long.  Files can be stored on your computer hard drive automatically or manually and recalled for review, further analyses and email transmission.  (Note:  No interpretation software can be 100% accurate in all occasions and some knowledge of ECG complexes is essential.  Users should refer to links to the appropriate section of the textbook included. Accuracy is dependent on following the precedures specified.)

Vmed Interpreter ECG interpretation steps

Step1  Select patient and episode from recorded file.
Step 2  Confirm beat definition and range then press “Quick Check”
Step 3  Results of analysis are displayed.
Step 4 Perform analysis on a specific beat.
Step 5 Click code of findings and hyperlink to relative section of textbook for definition.
  • ECG Interpreter included free with purchase of VetGard+ and VetChek monitors

 Download  Interpreter Flyer Here (Requires free Acrobat Reader  View sample Interpreter print report Here 

How to use the ECG interpretation software

 Interactive ECG Clinical Trainer

This program is a valuable aid in learning to interpret animal ECG complexes.  Product contains the full text printed and electronic versions of “ECG for the Small Animal Practioner”, by Larry Tilley, DVM and Naomi L. Burtnick, MT (ASCP), Made Easy Series, Teton New Media, 1999.  Contains over 50 abnormal ECG traces taken from actual cat and dog patients with hyperlinks from the software conclusion to the appropriate section of the text where each abnormality is explained in detail.  Let the software confirm your diagnoses.  Not useable on actual animals. You may download the DEMO Interpreter program above at no charge to evaluate this Trainer. (Note: The DEMO Interpreter includes only two animal traces not the 50 that are included with the Interactive Trainer.)