file reviewer

For review and analysis of saved files
Provided with all wireless monitors.

File Reviewer Software

Reviewer files may be viewed remotely on on any Wifi enabled device.  See  for instructions

This program allows you or your cardiologist to recall and review saved files at any time.  ECG and capnogram waveforms are stored along with vital signs for the entire monitoring episode. Vmed uses a proprietary file format called .PVE so files must be opened with the Reviewer or Interpreter software.  Consultants can download the file reviewer software from the Vmed website at no charge. The advantage of the Reviewer program is that the entire monitoring episode can be replayed from start to finish where emailed PDF files are just a 30 second snapshot of the trace.


  • Open and review files saved to your computer at any time
  • Electronic calipers to measure complexes
  • Add patient information to notes section
  • Print PDF reports from the active screen or saved files See Reviewer Print Report
  • Email files for consultation
  • Video playback of saved files


An extensive help menu provides a valuable diagnostic aid with the following information:

  • Tables of normal ECG measurements and heart rates for cats and dogs.
  • Background on arrhythmia interpretation
  • Background on ECG measurements
  • Background on various ECG rhythms

All Vmed wireless monitors include the bonus Reviewer program which allows saved files to be recalled and analyzed. Video controls allow replay of the entire monitoring session from beginning to end. Raw data files can be emailed for review by consulting cardiologists directly from the saved file (NOTE: Your consultant must download the Reviewer program at no charge from Downloads/Support).  Files may also be sent in PDF format by email or FAX  using a 30 second image of ECG and Capnogram wave forms and the entire vital signs record.