Wireless patient monitor  Includes a free 10″ Android tablet.

Our least expensive wireless monitor links to your Android device. The monitor can be controlled from the local display and from the remote Android device. Includes ECG, SpO2, Non-invasive blood pressure, temperature and respiration.  A blood pressure version is available with or without a tablet. Can be upgraded any time to add ECG, SpO2, temperature and respiration.  View on the built-in display and any number of Android devices at the same time. Contact Vmed at 800 926-9622 for introductory pricing and a free Android tablet.

Note: this device is a stand alone patient monitor and does not link to the Windows PC-Display program. You cannot save files or generate reports or use the Vmed ECG Interpreter program. Use the VetGard+ or VetChek for these functions.  Connects easily through internal Bluetooth to Android devices with installed app (Available soon from Google Play).  Includes folding desk stand (A wall mounted tablet holder is available from Amazon).  Includes three lead ECG, SpO2 with tongue clips, non-invasive blood pressure, rectal or esophageal temperature probe and respiration from ECG and six BP cuffs and non-traumatic skin clips.  Rechargeable battery lasts 9-12 hours between charges. Has hooks to mount on OR table, IV pole or kennel. Two year parts and labor limited warranty.

VetTab Flyer:

              Blood pressure version                                                  Built-in Display                                                                    Tablet Display


                                                                                   Optional Accessories

Three esophageal probes.                                                  ECG leg loops                                   ECG long term monitoring leads