Surgical Monitoring

Vmed products can be used in surgery depending on the parameter being monitored.  The Vmed products  designed specifically for surgery are the VetGard+ multi-parameter surgical monitor and the Vet-Tab miniature monitor with built-in display. Our stand-alone blood pressure products can also be used in surgery and details of these products can be accessed at the Blood Pressure page. The VetChek miniature ECG/Recovery monitor may also be used in surgery when only ECG, respiration and temperature are required. Optional esophageal probes are available for the VetChek for this application. See Accessories for details.


The VetGard+™ Monitor is a wireless, multi-parameter patient monitor that is scalable. The basic unit includes ECG, blood pressure, respiration, temperature and SpO2. Add CO2, O2, N2O and five anesthesia agents at any time without purchasing a new unit. The PC-VetGard+ weighs a mere 19 ounces with all parameters. May be used with AC line current or the internal rechargeable battery for optimum portability. The PC-VetGard+ connects to the Windows software called PC-Display which allows live monitoring and recording of vital signs information for later review.

VG+ Flyer Remote Connect

The New VetTab wireless monitor is a stand-alone surgical monitor with an LCD screen for viewing vital signs. It can also be connected via Bluetooth to its own Android app which will show each available waveform and all vitals data in real time.

VetTab Informational Flyer


Read the article Bluetooth Stops Spaghetti Syndrome by Dr. Don DeForge about Vmed Bluetooth technology.
Vmed wireless PC monitors now Integrate with AVImark®.