I have to tell you that we love our VetGard and VetChek monitors. I have some “traditional” monitors in the hospital and I can’t get the staff to use them. They’re all dusty.We Bluetooth the monitors to a couple of very inexpensive tablets that are connected to large TV monitors in the ORs of the hospital. When we’re in surgery it is very easy for anyone present to see the monitor and tell how the patient is doing. When we go to radiology or CT (in house), we just disconnect the tablet and move it with the patient. Super easy.We did a lung lobe resection on a Jack Russell Terrier this week, and it was very reassuring to watch the oximetry and EtCO2 stabilize on the ventilator and remain stable during the procedure. If there is anything we can do for you, please let me know. We would be happy to provide images of how we use the monitors in our facility should you like them.